Just Another Saturday Night

Just Another Saturday Night is a resource that has been developed to educate road users with a focus on impaired driving (alcohol/and or drugs) and the risks and consequences.  The story features 4 local young men who met up on an ordinary Saturday night and they planned to catch up with some friends and thought they would head to the speedway later in the evening.  But it ended up not being an ordinary night when a decision to get into a car with a drunk driver changed all their lives forever……this is Jared’s story which takes you through the evenings activity and the catastrophic end to their night out.

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Stopping Distances

Speed is one of the contributing factors in a number of fatal and serious crashes across Hawkes Bay. As part of our comprehensive road safety programme, we feature a number of resources that provide information about the risks and consequences of speed-related crashes.  Speed reduces your time to react and come to a stop or avoid hazards.  The video demonstrates how different situations can change and our expectation that the vehicle will stop as we expect it to…but this isn't always the case.  The video also features Mrs Penman  who was heading home after meeting up with some friends, she was killed by a driver texting as she headed home. Helen, her granddaughter tells her story and how Mrs Penman died needlessly for a text.

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Road Safe Hawkes Bay core role is to reduce the incidence and severity of road traffic crashes, this will be achieved by planning and implementing road safety education programmes.  We work with our associated road safety partners including New Zealand Police, the vision is to have ‘A safe road system that is increasingly free of road deaths and serious injuries'

By working in partnership with other associated partners we will create a safe road network that is crash free, supports economic growth, supports tourism growth, builds community resilience and we all accept that ‘Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Our team is based in Hawke's Bay.  We provide education opportunities focusing on the regions high road safety priorities. These include alcohol and drug (impaired) drivers, speed, un-restrained vehicle occupants, intersections, fatigue, distracted drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Road safety is everyone's responsibility

— - Road Safe Hawke's Bay

Our Recent Fatigue Stops

We go all around Hawke's Bay providing Fatigue Stops for motorists, these help to reduce the incidence of 'tired driving' and help to educate people on the importance of stopping to rest while driving.